Pegasus Airboots

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Improved design allows FAST, EASY, USER FRIENDLY application, eliminating the pain of adjusting and re-adjusting straps.

Perfectly fits 14 to 18 hds, FRONT or HIND, fully adjustable wrap extends 10mm of protection from delicate splint area to outside of leg in a unique conforming overlap. Seals out the dirt.

Inner Velcro panel assures secure, even support, Soft SPLINT PAD cushions tendons and absorbing stress of high impact concussion. Fetlock strap provides upward lift. 

BREATHABLE, constructed of the highest quality, closed cell neoprene perforated to allow heat and sweat to dissipate. 

Exceptional quality. Reinforced straps solve Velcro fray increasing the life of your boots.  6 months warranty