What is it about horses?

So, this is my first blog (maybe my last?).  I have read  you should write about something that is your passion? Well, that is a no brainer!!  Since I was a little girl all I did was sleep, eat and drink horses!! Spent my weekends at the barn, my summers riding, my winters reading all I could about horses!! Maybe I was too obsessed? I am sure many would agree. Looking back I would never change a minute that I spent on horses. Later in life they would help me through some difficult times  in my life, kept me sane, made me feel alive, gave me passion. You know, that feeling all horse people get when they see a horse in a field or while watching a movie? Yep, that's the feeling! So, I end my blog asking you... What is it about horses?

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Kim Breiding

It is the smell of my horse that gives me peace. The nicker when I hand her a treat or in the round pen when she has done an awesome job. The journey of training her and myself to be the team I know we can. She is my heart. My pride and joy. She is my ride or die gal!!!!

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